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Sometimes You Need a Building Permit. Sometimes You Don’t

Question: My husband and I are fixing up our house this winter. He thinks he will be able to handle most of the work, by himself (he is not a contractor). How do we know what work will require a building permit? Answer: You may want to start off by telling him that...

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Hospice Benefits Are Mostly Unknown

Certain experiences throughout my practice move me to stray away from my column’s typical question & answer format. I was recently privileged to learn about the numerous benefits Hospice offers to families. I want to share my intellectual findings with my readers....

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High Interest Loans Not Illegal

Question: I am behind on my mortgage payments. The bank’s foreclosure sale is about a month away. We know someone who is willing to loan us some money at a high interest rate – 25%. We really appreciate the help, but is this something that is even legal? Answer:...

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Beware Common Landlord Errors

Q: I just purchased a vacant property for rental income. What should I put into consideration, before I start to rent it out? A: Because the largest area of trouble for a landlord surrounds security deposits, the last two columns discussed regulations governing a...

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Should You Buy With Mortgage or Cash?

Question: I am currently selling my lifelong home and downsizing to a condo. I will make enough from my sale to pay for the condo outright. Some people have told me “Its freeing to live without a mortgage”. While others say, “It is financially beneficial to have a...

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Offers Are Fleeting

Question: I made an offer to buy a house, about two days ago. We have yet to hear back from the sellers. We have been looking around at other homes and fell in love with another house. What if the seller of the original house accepts our offer?  Will we be stuck...

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Vacation Purchase Requires Out of State Attorney

Q: I am buying a vacation home in New Hampshire. You have informed me that I need to hire a New Hampshire licensed attorney to help with my contract. However, why can you perform my closing as my closing attorney, but cannot help me with my contract? A: I promise you...

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Summertime is right time for estate planning

Question: When is the best time of year to focus on my estate planning? Answer: My first answer would be, the moment you think about getting a Will or Trust, just pick up the phone. Simply call a lawyer for an appointment. Even if it is a weekend, holiday, or evening....

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Does Marriage Help or Hurt with Nursing Home Costs?

Question: When a senior enters a nursing home what effect does their marital status have on Masshealth coverage? Answer: There are two sets of rules for married vs. single applicants for Masshealth long term nursing care coverage. Married folks appear to have it...

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5 Things To Avoid When Borrowing

Applying for a mortgage loan? Here are the top five things to avoid doing, as advised by First American Title Insurance Company. DON’T CHANGE YOUR MARITAL STATUS: How you hold title is affected by your marital status. Be sure to make both your lender and the title...

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New Wife + No Will = No Fun

Question: I have adult children and recently remarried. I have no will. If I die tomorrow, who gets my stuff – my wife or my kids? Answer: Good news: the rules are clear without a will or trust. Your wife gets 100% of the estate if: all surviving kids, grandkids, etc....

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Title Theft: The New Boogeyman

Question: I hear a lot recently about the Title Theft, where a fraudster can steal the title to my home. What should I do to protect myself? Answer: My senior clients are asking about title theft more often in the past few months. But is the risk real? Yes, it is...

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