Appropriately named,, allows you to search any U.S. address to learn if anyone died there. Other infamous information includes: if the home was ever a meth lab or suffered incidents of fire. Reports are priced as low as $11.99, but sadly will not identify if a house if haunted.

The website advises: “A death in a home, especially a violent death, can decrease the home’s value by 25%.” When buying a new home, such information can come in handy with price negotiation.

Stories of stigmatized homes are shared on the site. Hall of fame NFL linebacker, and former Patriot, Junior Seau committed suicide in his home. The high profile act, caused by concussion related depression, harmed the value of the real estate. Purchased in 2005 for $3,200,000, the home sold after Seau’s 2012 death for $1,975,000.

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