Question: Last year we lived a nightmare trying to buy a new home.  The shady builder took us for a ride.  We lost our deposit and the home.  Among many unscrupulous tactics, the builder charged us an additional few thousand dollars for installation of the kitchen cabinets.  He claimed the contract for our newly built home only included the purchase of the cabinets…not the installation.

We are now buying another new home and the contract is pretty general in its specifications.  Is it reasonable for us to be extra specific with our specifications?

Answer: Stick with your instinct this time around.  Your first purchase seems troubling.  Charging for installation of kitchen cabinets is like paying extra for your plate and silverware at a restaurant.

A contract to purchase new construction should contain details about the specifics of your home.  You have the option of adding as much detail as possible.  If the development has a model home, you would be wise to identify the model house by address in your contract.  You can tie the model home’s specifics into your house.  Certainly, identify the differences between the model home and yours.

Remember – any dispute about construction specifics will be settled by looking at the contract.

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