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Sale to Child Not Really Discounted

Q: My Mother sold our family home to my sister, for half its market value. My Mother will continue to lives there, in an in law apartment. My sister and her family live in the main house. I feel the sale price is too low. Is this fair? A: Fair to whom? Fair to your...

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Mortgage Denied? State Offers Second Opinion

Question:        My mortgage loan application was denied, because the mortgage broker claims my loan to value ratio is too high. He always confuses me with technical lingo and jargon.  I never really trusted him. If I want a second opinion, do I have to start over...

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A Different Kind of “Joint” Ownership

Question: Now that Marijuana is legal, can I just carry it around with me? Answer: I am just a 47-year old dad who grew up in Nancy Regan’s “just say no” era. I know very little about marijuana. But, as my kids are close to turning 21 years old, I really should get...

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I Now Pronounce You…Insured?

Everyone knows some poor bride or groom whose wedding day goes awry, due to forces beyond their control. Whenever we get a hurricane or blizzard, I feel for the couples whose magic day is interrupted. Fear not, bridezillas. Wedding insurance is available to protect...

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It’s Not What You Sign, But How You Sign It

Q: I incorporated my landscaping business, to protect my home and my family from liability. I registered the corporation with the Secretary of State’s office, and obtained a Tax ID number from the IRS. Going forward, how do I sign my contracts and invoices? A : In...

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Realtor May Get Paid After Listing Contract Expires

Question: Our Realtor’s listing agreement expired yesterday. We are going to explore selling privately. Will we owe the realtor money if we sell in the near future. Answer: This depends on who ends up buying the home. If the buyer was introduced to your property due...

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Employment Letter Creates Contract

In my quest to always provide readers with up to date information, I pass along the following warning to employers and employees. In a poor economic times, landmark employment related court decisions arise. This is attributable to a lack of job alternatives. Folks...

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Black or Blue…Does It Matter?

Question: Which ink color (black or blue) is required for signing legal documents? Answer: Thanks a lot…I expected this question to require 5 minutes to research. An hour later, I am still reading about early Chinese dynasties and American Colonial customs. A...

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Have a Blast this 4th, without buying fireworks

Question: Dad, can we buy some fireworks this 4th of July? We never get to have fun… Answer : Well, Jack (my 16 year old son), according to the Mass.gov website, it is illegal for private citizens to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts. Sadly, it is also...

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Probate Bond Always Needed

Question: My Mother’s will names me as the personal representative of her estate, and says I can serve “without the need for a bond”. When I filed with the probate court, they are making me complete a bond. Why is a bond needed? Answer: The role of personal...

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Deposition Tips

Q: I have to testify in a deposition for an ongoing civil lawsuit. I have never done this before. Do you have any tips? A : A deposition is a strange, and sometimes unpleasant experience, formally defined as obtaining recorded testimony for use in court at a later...

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How to Set The Right Home Sale Price.

The real estate market is in full swing, and super hot. This usually means, more folks will try selling on their own (without a Real Estate Agent). Trust me, this isn’t the best choice. But for those Sellers determined to list their home “For Sale By Owner”, be sure...

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