Distracted Driving Bill: Important Points

What is not allowed?  

  • No holding or using your cell phone with your hands or fingers
  • No tapping buttons, even if the device is in a holster.
  • No watching Netflix or funny cat videos.

What is allowed?  Speaker phone, voice to text or using the GPS navigation.

When does the law start?   Feb. 23rd, but you get a grace period until March 31st., during which only warnings will be issued.  After then, expect fines.

What are the fines?

  • 1st offense = $100 fine
  • 2nd offense = $250 fine
  • 3rd offense = $500 fine & insurance surcharge
  • Habitual offenders may be subject to driver training courses.

What constitutes “Driving”?   Operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway, whether moving or stopped at a traffic light.

Any exceptions?  Emergency situations such as:

  • Disabled vehicle
  • Medical attention is needed
  • Contacting Police or Fire departments
  • Reporting an accident
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