Last Saturday, my kids celebrated their luck in finding Taylor Swift concert tickets.  I remained uncomfortable buying from the online flea market website – Craigslist.

Relentlessly, I quizzed the seller over the phone.  I even tested his integrity by secretly sending a better offer to buy his tickets, from an alias email address.  The seller never responded to the second email.  He seemed committed to our prior deal.  So we packed up to meet the seller’s wife in Boston.

When I met her, in a very public location, I pressed her further.  She answered my probing questions with apparent honesty, lamenting her inability to see her favorite singer.  The tickets looked legitimate, even containing a receipt with a name and credit card reference.  I let down my guard and bought the tickets.  Off to Foxboro we drove.

Three pre-teens sang Taylor Swift’s entire catalog (very loudly) during the ride.  We parked, and enjoyed the pre-concert environment around the stadium.  Selfies snapped, and the kids literally cartwheeled their way into the entry line.

Our sorrowful fate was delivered by the guard’s confused expression.  The tickets looked proper, but would not register on his handheld scanner.  Stadium security confirmed we were scammed, along with the couple behind us in line, who bought from the same seller.  A police officer took our information, but offered no likelihood of success.

Amazingly my children kept their chins up, showing absolute control over their emotions. They handled this life lesson with class and grace. I was proud and impressed.

We still enjoyed the night. Did you know the view from the stairs, outside the stadium is amazing?  We sat with about 200 similar fans, dancing and singing along to the concert.  Even better, we left a few songs before the crowd and avoided traffic. On the ride home, we all deleted the Craigslist app from our phones.

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