Question:  My husband has entered a nursing home.  I am applying for Masshealth, and have to get three years of bank account statements.  We do not have these records at home, and need to visit each of our banks to request copies.  What fees can I expect from the bank, for this large task?

Answer:  Though your task may seem monumental; your cost won’t be.  While your bank may normally charge you fees for such administrative tasks, it cannot charge for copying in relation to a Mass Health application.

Banks must give copies of your bank account history, free of charge, as long as the information is needed to apply for Mass Health coverage.  In fact, an instructional letter is available on, for you to print and complete – which guides your bank to provide their services free of charge.  This way, uninformed bank tellers can be properly advised directly from the government.

When completing the form, select the option for statements to be sent to you directly, vs to the Masshealth office.  This way, you can copy your records before sending them to Masshealth.  (By the way – if you need a copy machine, feel free to contact my office).

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