Question: I did a lot of online shopping this year through major retail websites.  I am still waiting for delivery on some of the items.  What kind of recourse do I have because they were late for Christmas?  I had to run around on Christmas eve to supplement the missing gifts.

Answer: Bah Humbug, for sure.  You can dispute your purchases depending on the delivery method you selected at the point of purchase.  Gather the purchase confirmation pages you (hopefully) printed when shopping.  These will act as your receipts.

Check your confirmation pages to find a shipping method that detailed a time range for delivery, for example 3-5 days. If the range was not met, demand a return of the items and refund of your money.

If the retailer denies your return/refund, begin a dispute process with the credit card you used.  This should get your money back.

Unfortunately, a refund/return is all you can obtain for your troubles.  This may not be true compensation for your stress or mental anguish.  Perhaps, log a negative online review on the retailer’s website.  This may earn a response and concession from the store.

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