Question: I am in college and have always wanted to become a lawyer. What steps are required to get into law school, and what are your recommendations for success?

Answer: If you are so strongly focused on law school, I recommend removing your blinders and take the scenic route through school. Keep a wide focus of study. Law schools actually prefer an applicant with a diverse education background, rather than a pre-law major.

In your senior year of college, you will take your LSAT exam; a unique test which challenges your ability to think logically. For example, a question may provide rules for a dinner table seating plan, at which certain individuals must sit in certain locations. The question will omit key factors to achieve a full seating plan, relying on your logic skills for completion. FYI: this comes in handy while planning your wedding.

Your LSAT score and college grade point average determine a range of law schools available for your admission.  Your personal and educational resume will assist you in competing with similar applicants at these schools. Boost your attractiveness, by gaining leadership roles in athletics, student government or other extra curricular activities while in college.

Finally, your admission essay will assist a law school to make a final choice between you and your closest competition.  Write about anything captivating which gives the reader insight about you as a person. Visit and apply to 5 to 10 schools, and await your acceptance letters.

Law school is an amazing 3 year journey which will change the way you speak, write and view the world. However, my final advice is to remember that being a lawyer is simply a job title shared by almost 30,000 graduates each year.  Your clients will care more about your quality as a human being, level of personal service and your personality, than your LSAT score, alma mater or grades.

Attorney James Haroutunian practices estate planning and real estate law in Billerica at 790 Boston Road.  Contact him to begin an estate plan or with questions at 978-671-0711, at or email him at

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