Question: My driver’s license shows that I am an organ donor.  Do I need to register any where else?  What if I change my mind?

Answer: It seems the only time I seriously consider becoming a donor, comes with my driver’s license renewal.  The link between the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Registry of Organ and Tissue Donation Donor Registry serves a purpose.

The donor registry is a database of people who have consented to be an organ and tissue donor.  Donor’s were also provided an organ donor card to carry, in order to show their intentions.  However, people often lost their cards or did not carry them at the moment of their death.  Hoping to label consenting organ donors in a better manner, the donor registry partnered with the RMV to place the familiar “organ donor’s heart” on a driver’s license.

The RMV also serves as the administrative hub for registration as a donor.  When applying or renewing your driver’s license you are provided a box to mark if you intend to register.  You can also register or terminate your registration at an RMV office or via the Commonwealth’s website-

Interestingly, driver’s under the age of 18 years can register as organ donors and obtain the “organ donor heart” on their license.  However, this does not become effective until they turn 18 years old.

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