Question: At least five times per week, I receive offers for credit cards in the mail.  I am told these junk mail advertisers get my information from the credit reporting agencies.  Will their numerous inquiries harm my credit score?

Answer: Just as the U.S. postal service continues through rain and snow, junk mail offers of credit cards persevere through any economic condition.  You are correct about the source of your information being the four major credit reporting agencies.  Under federal law, Consumer Credit Reporting agencies are allowed to include your name on lists used by credit companies offering you firm or pre-qualified offers of credit.

Though annoying, the act of these companies viewing your credit information does not harm your credit score.  Such marketing efforts do not rise to the level of a credit report inquiry, similar to a loan application.  However, if you desire to stop the junk mail offers of credit, a convenient online site can help.

Visit to begin the simple process of removing your name from lists used for junk mail credit offers.  The website offers an online solution to opt out for five years, or a written solution to permanently opt out.  Stopping the junk mail will save you from their annoyance, reduce risk for identity theft and remove temptation to accept offers of more credit.

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