Question: I just refinanced my loan and before I could make one payment, the lender sold the loan.  The new mortgage company is fine, but this is annoying given the effort and time taken to shop for a lender.  Why does this happen? Do I have to refinance the loan again?

Answer: As you can imagine, most loans don’t last longer than five years due to constant refinance or sales.  With a short loan lifespan, lenders hardly ever receive enough monthly interest payments to recoup their operating costs.  This relatively new reality spawned a secondary loan market where a lender can sell your loan for slightly more than its current rate.

This may be annoying, but as a consumer you have certain rights.  The terms of your loan cannot change and the lender is required to disclose the likelihood of such a transfer (in one of the closing documents you barely read).  If you escrow your tax and insurance payments, keep an eye on the balances after a transfer because clerical accounting errors may occur.  This information may be available online or through your lender’s customer service department.

Find some solace in the fact your diligent selection of a lender served to set the terms of your loan, by which all subsequent companies must follow.

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